Our mission is to help you develop a leadership style that stimulates creativity, greatness and engagement. 

By doing so, we create organizations where people love to work and create value for the world. We created the National Center for Medical to maximize the health of our patients and the well-being of communities. You can read more about this center on this website.

By doing so we create organizations where people love to work and create value to the world.
Our Agile Leader Journey is designed for those responsible to guide an organization towards more Agility

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It is in our moments of decision, that our destiny is shaped...

Why Choose Us?

The most important leadership roles for a successful Agile implementation are the Manager, the Scrum Master and the Product Owner. To make sure that these 3 roles are always one step ahead of the teams they lead, we have developed 3 learning journeys:

Each Journey contains a unique combination of self-learnings, trainings, workshops and assessments that help you develop the Leadership skills to create mature Agile teams and unleash a Culture of Creativity in your organization. 

Best Industry Leaders

The best way to learn, is to learn from the best. That is why all of our guides are Leadership experts with many years of practical experience who've committed themselves to over-deliver to you.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

We will guide you on your journey towards Inspiring Leadership, so you can lead by example. Our Learning Journeys are a combination of self-learning, online guidance and physical guidance.

Professional Certification

We are a Professional Training Network™ Member from Scrum.org and work with officially licensed Professional Scrum Trainers who are able to give access to Scrum.org assessments and certifications upon successful completion.

An Inspiring Leader needs to be one step ahead of the teams they lead

Agile Leader

You develop inspiring teams and workplaces within an organization with a significant increase in discretionary effort. You are able to transform the thoughts & skills of teams on every level by coaching them to achieve & maintain excellence.

Scrum Master

You develop & engage self-organised & high-performing teams by coaching them to sustain a culture of high productivity. You always strive for continuous improvement to achieve higher levels of maturity in teams and in the entire organization.

Product Owner

You are able to naturally engage team members & stakeholders by listening attentively & always remembering that even the smallest idea can have a great impact. You continuously  prioritise work to deliver the highest value for customers.

Achieve your goals and

Develop your Personal Leadership Style

We believe that leadership should be implemented in all levels of an organization: from teams to managers and executives.

There are many ways to walk these journeys and develop the suggested competencies. We have comprised a recommended pathway for each of these journeys based on several decades of experience.

Choose your own destiny and embark on your Journey to Inspiring Leadership.


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User Reviews

 What an awesome course and trainer. I was really surprised how much I learnt. I love the real life stories to bring the learning to his own experiences and into context.

This really help me connect to the learnings to my own experiences and the challenges we faced at the time, and how the skills and practices learnt could of really helped me at the time. The course is the missing arsenal in my toolbox to really help the leaders and managers with their organisation Agile Transformations.

If you're CxO, manager, agile coach or a chapter lead then be a great course for you. 

Alexander Brown

PAL-E Training

The Learning Journeys strike a nice balance between theory, practical work and exercises. I can definitely recommend it to anyone in a leading position and/or is in an organization going through an Agile Transformation.

The Journey has given me more insight into what it takes to lead an Agile Transformation. It has also boosted my self-confidence enormously in regards to speaking for a large audience and facilitating trainings & workshops.

And to be honest, it was a lot of fun to have been able to participate in a Scrum Master Training as well.


Learning Journey Agile Leader

 Great training, great teacher, great group, great environment. My main lessons learned these two days is that agile coaching is dysfunctional, you will reach success only with Leadership coaching.

So help managers and employees to become a strong leader, then you will reach and sustain agility within your organization. 

Ben Kooistra

PAL-E Training

I would definitely recommend this program to my coworkers, because it provides both a broadening and more in depth look at my possibilities as an Agile Coach, Agile Manager or Transition Manager. 

Because we had to pass on the knowledge and experience within our own organization, there is some repetition in the content. However this is a good sign, as the best way you can learn something is by teaching it to others.


Learning Journey Agile Leader

The first day of every module is very valuable to me, because of all the new knowledge I am gaining. The amount of information provided and helpful tips to other books has ensure that I have more than enough to do for some time. 

The Journey itself contains a ton of information and sources and has given me an even better insight into the Agile mindset. Aside from this, I came into contact with a very nice group of people during my journey which made it a lot of fun and very valuable every step of the way.


Learning Journey Agile Leader

 One of the best courses i followed in the past 2 years. Good real life examples, proper documentation, but above all a very good trainer who practices what he preaches and had a lot of very interesting and useful anecdotes and situations from his own experience 

William Lekatompessy

PAL-E Training

 The training was very informative, theory and practise well combined 

The training was very informative, with a good mix of theory and practical cases. There was also 'room' for cases to discuss from your own organisation with the group. 


PAL-E Training

It was extremely valuable to be able to work with fellow Agile experts every 2 weeks and share expertise in the same area where my field of interest lies.


Learning Journey Agile Leader

 Great class with great trainer. Lots of examples, nice excercices. Inspiring location.

This is what agile is about! 

Boudewijn Lemstra

PAL-E Training

 Loved the class and the way in which the teacher captured the subject matter. Truly would recommend this course to anyone interested in the subject! 

Mirjam de Jong

PAL-E Training

 Fantastic learning experience! Now I understood how important the role of the leader is to the success of every agile transformation.

I highly recommend this class to every leader! 

Simon Flossmann

PAL-E Training

 The trainer's rich experience is reflected in the PAL-E class. Two days were amazing. We never felt even a single minute like dull.

The activities that were used create a lot of insights and help leaders grow people and agility. I think this is a must-have course for leaders!

Venkatesh Rajamani

PAL-E Training

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