About Us

Why should you choose Agile Leadership School?

What We're All About

We are convinced that a lack of Agile maturity is primarily caused by a shortage of the right Leadership skills. We are your guide to inspiring Leadership.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you develop a leadership style that stimulates creativity, greatness and engagement.  By doing so we create organizations where people love to work and create value to the world.

What We Believe

We believe that leadership should be implemented in all levels of the organization: from teams to managers and executives. As an Agile Leader you need to always one step ahead of the teams you lead.

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What We Do

With a combination of self-learning and online\virtual training we help you develop your Agile Leadership skills. Our Leadership Journeys will guide you in achieving your goals.

Official Scrum Trainings

Agile Leadership School provides worldwide training. We are a member of the Scrum.org Professional Training Network™ and our trainers are certified Professional Scrum Trainers™.

Unique Learning Journeys

We have developed 3 Learning Journeys that contain a unique combination of self-learnings, trainings, workshops and assessments which help you develop the Leadership skills to create mature Agile teams and unleash a Culture of creativity in your organization.

Focussed Learning Areas

Each a professional that works in an Agile environment typically develops a different set of specialized competencies and skills, the so-called Learning Areas. But there are a few areas where we have chosen to focus on to guide you in becoming an expert.

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