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Our Agile Leader Journey is designed for those responsible to guide an organization towards more Agility
During your Agile Leader Journey you will learn to

Upgrade your Leadership Skills

Our Agile Leader Journey contains a unique combination of self-learnings, trainings, workshops and assessments. 

These will help you to develop the Leadership skills needed to create mature Agile teams and unleash a Culture of creativity in your organization.

Create an Ecosystem

It is the Agile Leaders job to create a sustainable ecosystem where Agile teams can thrive and work together. 

If you’re a manager, HR professional or in any other way responsible in creating mature Agile teams, then our Agile Leader Journey will help you learn the skills and capabilities to do so.  

Work on specific Learning Areas

There are many Learning Areas to explore for a professional that works in an Agile environment. 

Each role in an Agile environment typically develops a different set of specialized competencies and skills, the so-called Learning Areas.

Decide who you want to become and...

Learning Areas

There are many Learning Areas to explore for a professional that works in an Agile environment.

Each role in an Agile environment typically develops a different set of specialized competencies and skills, the so-called Learning Areas.

Agile Leader Learning Areas

The typical areas where an Agile Leader should excel are not carved in stone. However, there are a few areas where we recommend that Agile Leaders become experts. Here’s an overview of our recommended expertise levels.

People & Teams

Mature Agile teams and motivated individuals are the core enablers for fast value-creation and high quality in an Agile organization. The Agile Leader works closely together with the  Scrum Master to help People  & Teams continuously develop themselves.

We recommend the Agile
Leader to be an expert in  Self-organizing Teams,  Leadership Styles, Mentoring  and Coaching.

Scrum Framework

Since Scrum is the most used way to implement Agility we recommend that the Agile Leader has a solid understanding of the Scrum Framework. The Agile Leader needs to have  a close collaboration with the Scrum Master who is accountable to establish Scrum in the team(s) and organization.

Especially the focus areas Roles,  Scrum Values and Scaling are important competencies for the Agile Leader.

Product Management

The Product Owner is accountable for the Product Management Learning area. We recommend that the Agile Leader works closely with the Product Owners to align the Product Vision with the Business Strategy.

That is why we recommend the Agile Leader to have a solid understanding on Business Strategy and Product Vision.


While the largest part of the Portfolio Planning is an accountability for the Product Owner, the Agile Leader is focused on the organization. The success of an Agile team is heavily depending on the context they operate in.

That is why we believe Agile Leaders to be experts in Organization Design and Culture. To help teams how they can turn their efforts into measurable value delivered, the Agile Leader also needs expertise in Evidence Based Management.

Product Development & Delivery

The Agile Leader needs a basic understanding in this Learning Area.  Agile teams are mostly accountable for this Learning area and the Agile Leader needs to support the teams in making trade-offs between value, flexibility, and quality.

Therefore the most crucial focus area within this Learning Area is Emergent software\product development. 

Agile Leader Learning Journey Syllabus

& frequently answered questions

This syllabus is an abbreviated guide with details on the kind of teaching and learning you can expect, as well as provide a small FAQ section.

A Learning Journey contains a number of modules.

Each module is kicked off by either a training or a workshop.

After each training\workshop you will be invited to implemented your learnings in your own, practical environment.

Each module is closed with a 1hr coaching session, aimed to guide you in your first practical learnings with the subject.

A Learning Journey can be completed within a year, provided that you invest on average, at least 4 days each month on upgrading your knowledge.

The Agile Leader Journey is designed for those responsible to guide an organization towards more Agility.

If you’re a manager, coach, HR professional or in any other way responsible to create mature Agile teams, this journey will help you learn the skills and capabilities to do so.

While there are many paths towards becoming a mature Agile Leader, the Agile Leader Journey is our recommendation to create a solid knowledge base on Agile Leadership.

Although it is not impossible to complete the Journey in a different order, we recommend to apply the order in which we designed it. This is because each module in the Journey assumes that you have knowledge on the adjective modules. It will probably take longer to complete the Journey if you use a different order.

Unlike our training classes, our Learning Journeys are guided: you will receive coaching, feedback and active guidance in working towards your personal learning objectives.

On average you will gain a monetary advantage of about 15% by attending all sessions in the Journey as compared to attending all modules and guidance separately.

Our mission is to help you develop a leadership style that stimulates, creativity, greatness and engagement. Our Leadership Journeys help you become an independent body of knowledge and skills, able to help your organization towards Agility.

From the start of the Journey you will get the opportunity to define your explicit learning goals in becoming a body of knowledge in your preferred area. We will challenge and help you in accomplishing this in an explicit way. Some examples:

  • Guiding you to become a trainer at or
  • Preparing a presentation for an event\seminar or
  • Helping you to develop a new training or
  • Writing a paper on a preferred subject

Each of our Journeys has a number of formal milestones built in, to assess if you have correctly absorbed the acquired knowledge. The confirmation of these milestones are performed by our renowed partners:

Note that PDU's can be claimed for attending any of our classes.


General F.A.Q.

This class will be taught by one of these trainers:

Ron Eringa

Founder of Agile Leadership School,
Interim Manager & Trainer for

Traditional Classes are held at a specific physical location. Participants will get the opportunity to meet the trainer and other participants face to face, but also have to make their travel and\or sleeping arrangements.

Naturally we will continue to provide these kind of classes to our Students at various locations across the world.

Live Virtual Classes have proven to be a good alternative to attending Traditional Classes:

  • They offer the same content with the same Learning Objectives
  • Assessment Result Scores for Live Virtual Classes are similar to Traditional Classes
  • Exercises are explicitly designed to be run in a Live Virtual environment. In this way we can guarantee the same level of collaboration, engagement and learning opportunities then a Traditional class.
  • They are hosted by the same trainers as the Traditional Classes
  • Due to the lack of location restrictions or travel restraints we are able to deliver classes worldwide, so there is no need for Students to leave the comfort of their home in order to participate
In order to successfully participate in our Live Virtual Classes, there are several additional requirements for our Students:
  • Students will require either a computer or a laptop with a working microphone and camera of their own to enter our Live Virtual Classrooms
  • We require all students of our Live Virtual Classes to enable both their microphone as well as their camera at all times during the class, in order to communicate as best as possible with their teacher and other students
  • To enable optimal interaction and learning experience we use the latest state of the art online collaboration tools. Before each class, participants will receive an email with detailed preparation instructions to fully participate in the Live Virtual Classes. None of the applications used require additional costs.

The (Virtual and Traditional) In House Trainings are perfectly suited to those who require a group from 8 to 12 students to attend the same class. While the content and learning objectives are exactly the same as a public class, there are more opportunities for alignment and exploring organization specific topics.

By booking our In House Trainings, you can save up to 44.5% on the total price.

When you book one of our In House Trainings, we will contact you personally to schedule the date for the training which suits you best.  We will also discuss any specific situations or cases of your organization which we can use to customize the training where possible or needed.

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Refund Policy & Cancellations

If for some reason you are unable to attend a class or training, please contact us to reschedule your attendance to a new one.

We do not offer any refunds unless the class is cancelled from our end. If this should happen you will be informed in time and get a full refund,

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At Agile Leadership School we take your security and privacy regarding any any personal or payment details you submit very seriously.

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Meet your Teacher

Ron Eringa

Founder of Agile Leadership School, Trainer for, and an expert in Agile Leadership Development. He has over 20 years of experience in helping IT-driven organizations deliver more value for their customers.

Areas of Expertise
Agile, Scrum, Lean, Training, Coaching, Facilitation, Mentoring, Advising, Team Dynamics, Organisation Dynamics, Organisational Culture Design

His Passions & Strengths

  • His mission is to create organizations where people love to work and create value for the world.
  • As a manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Software Developer and Professional Scrum Trainer at, Ron has developed a unique view on how Leaders can guide their Agile teams.
  • He is passionate about helping you develop a Leadership style that creates a culture of creativity, collaboration and greatness.

For more information please visit my LinkedIn Profile.